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Enchanted Mystery Witchcraft Kit - Perfect for Beginner Witches with a Surprising Array of Supplies.

Enchanted Mystery Witchcraft Kit - Perfect for Beginner Witches with a Surprising Array of Supplies.

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Discover the Magic Within: Enchanted Mystery Witchcraft Kit for Beginner Witches

Surprise yourself or a loved one with a mystical journey of self-discovery through our Enchanted Mystery Witchcraft Kit. Handcrafted with love and curated to provide a unique and personalized experience, each kit is one-of-a-kind and full of surprises. Whether you're a beginner on your journey or an experienced practitioner, this kit will ignite your magic and provide endless possibilities for exploration.

Filled with a selection of hand-picked, high-quality and ethically-sourced items, your Enchanted Mystery Witchcraft Kit may include:

Essential Altar Tools: Altar Boxes, Incense and Wax Burners, Chalices, Offering Bowls, Cauldrons, Altar Bells, Brooms, Bone or Charm Casting Sets, Pendulums, Scrying Mirrors, and more
Ethical Curios: Found Animal Bones, Found Seashells, Sustainable Fashion Tool Bags/Totes, and other Responsibly Sourced Materials
Handmade Wonders: Wands, Witch’s Bells, Sun Catchers, Spell Books, Herbal Tea Blends, Ritual Salts, Shell, Pearl, and Crystal Jewelry, Spell Jars, Sachets, and Dried Herbs

Our box sizes range from mini (with 8 items) to XL (with 30 items), ensuring you get the perfect amount of magic for your needs.
Each kit is carefully packed in a sturdy cardboard box, ready to be opened and explored. Whether you're looking to gift yourself or a loved one, the Enchanted Mystery Witchcraft Kit is the perfect starting point for your magical journey.

Note: The items included in each kit may vary, and while we have made every effort to provide a wide selection of items, some items shown may not be included in your kit.

Experience the magic and mystery of witchcraft with our Mystery Witchcraft Box Kit. Order now and get ready to be enchanted!

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out. Thank you for choosing our shop!

Mini 1- 8 items
Small 1- 12 items
Medium 1- 20 items
Large 1-25items
Xl 1-30 items

These pictures represent ideas of what you may receive in your box. Some items may be different or not shown but all will be awesome. The box that the items come in will be a sturdy cardboard box.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.
Thank You.

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